"A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life" - The Dalai Lama of Tibet
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Please telephone your region's rescue to be placed on their waiting list - they will probably know about more dogs than on this website.

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2 pairs & 2 single dogs needing homes - 13th March 2003

2 Lhasa Apso brothers (10 yrs old)

These 2 male Lhasa Apso brothers are champagne coloured, 10 years old, neutered & vaccinated. They are used to other dogs and cats. They haven't had much contact with children. They have been well looked after & groomed, they are happy to travel & can be left for short periods on their own.

The brothers are seeking a new home as one of their elderly owners has recently had a stroke & they can no longer manage the dogs.

They could be homed together - or - separately.

We will be asking Viv Owen (Lhasa Rescue Essex) to review her waiting list for suitable homes.

Meanwhile, please contact Corin McArthur on 01277 229739.

Male Lhasa Apso (7 yrs old)

At the moment this dog is in Sunderland & we are trying to arrange for him to go to North of England Lhasa Apso Rescue.

We will be getting more details soon, but if you are interested please contact Corin McArthur on 01277 229739.

Talk to your local rescue

Please remember, you should ALWAYS contact your local rescue whether you are looking to adopt or looking to rehome your lhasa.



There is also another organisation for Shih Tzu's (who I do 'home checking' for) who are a very friendly bunch & are always on the lookout for potential owners for the many rescues that come to them.

They sometimes have lhasas or lhasa crosses. Please do contact them too.

Southern Shih Tzu Rescue.

They will make you feel welcome - whatever help you can offer.